Procrastinator! What, me?

Good morning!

I still don’t understand how I procrastinate so much.

So I’ve been meaning to write this song, but I’ve only written the first verse and chorus. Now I just can’t be bothered to go finish it. Honestly it’s easy now, I just have to write the lyrics, but I’m too lazy.

The same happens to me for school. I can’t be the only one right? But for my finals every single year I would never revise. I’d just flip through my book on the way to school on the day of the exam. The shocking thing is: I always manage to somewhat ace the exam. Or end up with a bit-above-average grade. I think I need to fail one of my tests so I can learn not to procrastinate. Right now, I don’t see the harm in doing so.

I bet I’m not the only one. But seriously, my procrastination skills are oth

See what I did there? Ha ha. I’ll type that up later. (Guess what I was going to type?)

Anyways fellow internetians, it’s summer. Screw exams, screw teachers (not literally, unless you want to?), and most of all, screw high school drama.



The Anon




      1. It does XD
        and it is also a VERY old show
        I can’t remember which one though, the more you look back at your childhood them more stuff you unearth, it’s mind boggling.


      2. I know! Especially when I’m cleaning out my room I find all sorts of cool stuff that I had when I was a kid. That’s probably also why I take so long to clean it! 😛


  1. No, you are not the only procrastonater. In fact I, the over-procrastonating owner of one of the blogs you are following, wait until the last minute to do things, if I even do them at all. So no, you are not alone.


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