You can’t deny my love

Man, this is annoying. My mom’s convinced I need to exercise, (which I probably do), so she made me bike 10 miles.

See, the thing with exercising is that it should be fun, but apparently that’s not the case for me.

Well yeah, I mean if you sign me up for soccer or something as exercise, I’d probably love it. I just can’t stand doing an ‘alone’ exercise.

So after, I come home sweaty and feeling completely horrible. Me being me, the first thing I ask for is food and she rejects me! Then she goes on about how I need to stay fit.

Um, mom, I’m pretty sure I’m not overweight. But nope, no food.

I don’t know if you’ve tried this, but as a kid (like when I was 12), I tried to maintain a running schedule. Needless to say, that obviously failed. Otherwise my mom wouldn’t be doing this to me now.

And then there’s always the juggle between junk food and staying healthy.

Yeah, my life story up there. I have stashes of m&m’s, oreo’s, chips etc. hidden in multiple places in my room. How do I have that and stay healthy? Well, I don’t.

Too bad, mom. Guess you can’t deny my love for food.



The Anon



  1. I’m totally the other way. I love the alone type of exercise. I also love my food though, so have little results to show from it.


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