My Dream

When I was a little kid, I dreamed of making it big, that I’d perform my own songs in front of big crowds. But now that I grew up, I realize exactly how far away that journey is. And doubting it’s worth.

Stars get to make money for doing something they love doing (or so I hope). I admire them for that. I also admire people who haven’t made it big, but are performing on sidewalks because they’re doing what they love.

I used to think dreaming was a way to escape reality. But now I realize that I was really just turning a blind eye on it. We’re all real, I think the sooner we accept that the less we’ll feel disappointed. The thing about imagining is that it takes imagination to make something real, although what you achieve will never be how you imagined it will be.

I started writing songs when I was 13. I even taught myself how to play the guitar to help my write songs. I guess I was still lost in my dreams in being a star. Now I’m doubting everything. My mom told me last night that I needed a foundation for a job in the future.

The future is composed of nows. So what we’re doing now is the future. The thing with music industries is that it’s really unstable; especially making your way to the top and getting known. I’m not sure I’m ready to cope with that.

However, I’ll still continue songwriting. It’s what I like doing. So is singing.

I’m still growing up; I’ve still got choices. Maybe one day, I’ll make the right one.



The Anon



      1. I just wrote a whole post about tackling fear so you should go check it out! But I don’t think you have to throw everything away. Maybe you can be the next youtube sensation 🙂 or maybe you will end up finding a passion in another area of music like music therapy, or teaching. You just go after it girl!


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