Thought of the day

I thought I’d do a ‘thought of the day’ today. Originally, I thought of this a few weeks ago but I’m going to use it now.

“Everything is beautiful from a distance; but the closer you get, the more cracks you see, and the less beautiful it becomes.”

It’s my own quote. But I thought it was very insightful. How many times do we look at people we know and know them of the things they’ve done?

Take actors for an example. The multiple roles they play lead us to assume that that’s their personality. Even we try and convince ourselves not to, we still see them as the character they’ve played. Except it’s only their mask.

It’s friends as well. Strangers even. When we get a very nice first impression from someone, we see them as how they want to be seen. But as time passes, we realize how different they can be. That’s when the cracks start showing.

The only way to understand and accept someone’s flaws is to accept your own. The cracks each one of us has is how we can see each other’s flaws.

(I do realize I might have drifted off a bit.)

It takes a lot of courage to admit your own flaws.

Take my advice: don’t see your flaws as a disability, see them as a part of you that makes you human.


The Anon


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