ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Just a casual post today. My last two posts were no fun. Has anyone done the ice bucket challenge yet? I got nominated but I’m not doing it. I donated but I’m not up for pouring ice water over myself. Nope.

Or maybe I’m just being a killjoy. (It doesn’t look that bad, does it?)

Honestly I don’t really get the ice bucket challenge. Yeah, I get the fact that it’s to raise awareness and donate money. I think that’s great! But teenagers (mostly) have sort of turned it into a game with the nominations and such. Really, it’s just my opinion and I do have a few. But it’s kind of bothering me because I know a lot of people just did the challenge and haven’t donated.

However, it’s still spreading awareness so I have nothing against it. What do you guys think?



The Anon



  1. I know exactly what you mean! Loads of people from my school have been doing it without even knowing the cause behind it, but you’re right at least it is a way to try and spread awareness whilst raising money 🙂


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