Happy Little Pill

I finally did it: uploaded my first Youtube video.

Now I just have continue doing it. That’s going to be a challenge.

Basically what I did was a cover of Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan. It’s my favorite song at the moment, so I thought, why not? But like everything I’ve done in the past year, I might end up giving it up.

I hope I don’t.

Anyway, talk about stressful. I’ve got a week to finish my summer reading, which I haven’t even started yet and I’ve got to finish my doctor’s check up and forms for my new school.

My new school looks great actually. But the only thing I’m having a problem with is the dress code. It’s formal, which basically means nothing in my wardrobe suits it. I have to go shopping. One thing I hate doing is shopping for clothes for a purpose. It’s almost impossible to find what you’re looking for.

You ever see something when you don’t need it, but then when you’re looking for it, it’s nowhere to be seen? Yeah, that’s my experience so far with school clothes. I have zero pieces of clothing for school.

So, my parents are shipping me off to this preppy boarding school in the US. I lived in China before all of this and now I’m halfway around the world. Before I was in China, I was here in Canada. Now I ditched my home in China and my ‘home’ is in Canada, but it doesn’t even feel like home. It’s just a house. I miss all my friends back at the International School I went to. See the thing with International Schools is that people come and go. I bet once I get back a few years later most of my friends would have probably already left. Not only did I ditched my home, I ditched my friends too.

I feel like I dropped everything to go to a place I’m not even sure I’m going to fit in. I hope it’s damn near worth it.


The Anon



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