Okay, so I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.

wanderlust; a strong desire to travel.

Places I would like to go (in no specific order):

  • Alaska (The reason why is oddly stupid. I’ve been there when I was 7 so I don’t exactly remember everything so I want to go back and re-enjoy the whole experience. Plus, one of my favorite books, ‘Looking for Alaska’, well, the title says it all. Although the book has nothing to do with Alaska except for a name.)
  • Amsterdam (Unknown to me, this is a city of freedom. I’ve always loved the thought of liberation and everything about it so why not? “And in freedom, most people find sin.”)
  • Vienna (Also said to be called “The City of Dreams”. It has a huge music legacy and I just want to stay there and make music. Maybe its legacy will inspire me.)
  • Paris (This is cliché: I want to go there and fall in love, but with the city itself. Even though I never had the best experience with French people, I would just love to go there and enjoy the city with its people.)
  • Greece (Mostly Athens and other cities where Greek mythology runs deepest. When I was a kid I used to love myths, I still do now. I guess it’s the fact that a myth has the possibility of being true, it’s that spark of hope that makes it so daring.)
  • Fiji (Simply because my friends told me it’s amazing.)
  • Pompeii (I’ve been there before but I want to go again. For those who don’t know, there was a huge volcanic eruption and basically everything buried have been preserved because of lack of air and moisture. I just want to go find a quiet place, sit down and write. It sounds weird maybe, but I want to be in the presence of something ancient. If that made sense.)
  • Antarctica (Why Antarctica but not the Arctic? Simple: the South Pole. Well, obviously just not because of that, but I have this childish fantasy of writing Santa a letter and then burying it under the snow. Yeah, like I said, childish.)


There are definitely more places I’d like to visit, but these are mostly fantasies because the things I want to do there aren’t exactly worth going there for.

One other thing I’ve always wanted to do is to go on a backpacking trip across Europe with a friend in the Summer. But I’ll probably want to wait until I’m at least 18.

I’m going to Seattle today, the only reason I’m really going is because I have nothing better to do at home. Anyways, I’m out.



The Anon



  1. I really want to do Antarctica, too. I have a few friends who have done the trip and they all absolutely loved it. All of them said it’s just a surreal experience. Great list, keep adding to it! Traveling and experiencing different places and people is one of the most fulfilling things you can do for yourself.


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