Stressed as Hell

I feel like an awful person. I haven’t blogged in so long. Well, at least in my standards. School is so annoying, during holidays you’re so bored and then when you get back to school you barely have any time to relax. The amount of homework I get at my new school is horrifying. There’s barely any time to complete it. Then add in my soccer practices and meetings, I almost have no free time.

But did I tell you? I’m in the JV soccer team! I’m so proud of myself, but I still got to improve if I don’t want to get cut. It would suck. I wish I have more news to add, but I don’t.

The stupid thing is at my boarding school is that they have this rule called ‘Lights out by 10:30’, which means exactly what it sounds. With the amount of homework we get there’s no way I can finish all of it by 10:30, it’s stressful. I only get back from soccer at 5:30 and I have to shower and eat. I’d like to sleep early, but I have my homework and grades to keep up with. It’s an ongoing conflict and I’m only a freshman! I don’t even want to imagine the work I’d get as a senior.

I actually have this essay I have to write for english right now, so I should really start that.


The Anon



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