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Land of Maple Trees

I’m back! It’s been a while but I’m in Canada now. Land of no VPN. For those who are blessed to not have to experience firewalls, The Great Firewall of China blocks most foreign social media (Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, etc) and Google! So I couldn’t even use (debatably) the world’s best search engine.

But anyways, back to Japan. We got to Osaka and our hotel was super nice. But everything went downhill from there. I’ll tell a long story short:

We’ were struck by a 6.1 magnitude earthquake at 8am in the morning in Osaka that really woke us up (we were on the 23rd floor). So we had to walk down 23 flights of stairs. I know, fun. But no one was hurt, thankfully. We were a little scared of aftershocks, so we decided to get out of there. We took an overnight bus the same day to Hiroshima. Got to our airbnb, and was thoroughly disappointed. It was dirty and it really did not fit 4 people unlike its description. But because our airbnb was free (I’m not going into that story), and it was raining the next few days in Hiroshima, we decide to take another overnight bus to Fukuoka. I mean, definitely saving hotel + transportation money, right? So we get to Fukuoka very sleep deprived but hey, we stayed at a nice hostel for a few days.

Fast forward to after Japan. We all parted ways and I stayed in China for a few days with a travel buddy before heading off to Canada. And now I’m here.

Oh, Canada. Home, sweet home.


Oh deer

Want to hear a joke? (You don’t have a choice)

Why was the deer afraid of the rain?

Because it wasn’t a reindeer! (I know you’re cringing right now)

Anyways, update about the past few days. We rendezvoused with TravelBuddy2 (there are 4 of us) in Kyoto and spent a lot of time looking at temples and shrines. Out of all the interesting thing I’ve learned, I like this the most: Japanese people visit Shrines for “beginnings”, such as New Years and birth, while Temples are for “endings”, such as New Years Eve and funerals. I like beginnings and endings. It’s the bittersweetness, I guess.

But yeah, you see this red thing?


Fushimi Inari Shrine

We took a real hike to get to the top of the shrine, only to met with slight disappointment. We expected some big view or something but it was just a shrine place. But it was for the experience, right?!


Fun fact: I ran into a friend who I haven’t seen since middle school. I guess shrines bring good luck after all.


Fast forward two days, we saw more temples/shrines/cultural stuff and ate good food.


look at its little pink tongue

And soon we were out of Kyoto.

Getting off at Nara, it was an “Oh deer” indeed. Deer were everywhere. It was pretty funny to see people with food getting chased by deer though.

But yeah, imagine multiple Bambis, big and small, chilling on the grass and sidewalks or chasing tourists. Real cute.


Hopefully the deer here don’t end up like Bambi’s mom 😦


Time to go explore more of the city. Gotta breathe in the natural fragrance of deer manure, y’know?



The Anon


“It’s rainy season”

I’ll do a quick run through of what we did yesterday. We mostly just walked around Shibuya and explored. But the highlight was definitely the hedgehogs. We went to an animal cafe and we got to play with hedgehogs.

This one was my favorite. He was a little shy but then he opened up after a bit (pun intended). But 11/10 would go again.

Now back to business. Apparently we’re stuck in Japan’s rainy season and it rained the entire yesterday and today. We took a day tour to “see” Mt. Fuji today but ended up seeing nothing because it was rainy and foggy as hell. At least we got a chill day taking bus rides and napping. We’re heading off to Kyoto tomorrow, so catch us there. I wish I had more interesting things to tell you but I’ve only been doing touristy stuff.

Oh, last thing. We went to a Shinobi (ninja) village today and our guide was saying how ninjas used to live/train there a few hundred years ago and such. I don’t know if any of you watched Naruto growing up, but that was the first thing I thought of. And if any of you have watched the anime, the fight scenes are pretty intense? A bit non-human, exaggerated in a way. So really it was hard to wrap my head around the real life, human ninjas. Or the whole ninja thing is just a government conspiracy to attract tourists and take their $$$

On that note, dolphins are a conspiracy (they’re only as real as Santa). It’s all a lie. Call me crazy.

Crazy with a lot of lazy.



The Anon

Kon’nichiwa ?

Update on Japan guys: my feet are about to fall off.


View from Kachidoki Bridge

So today we woke up at 5am and went to Tsukiji Market (fish market). The food was great. It was amazing. Let’s just say me and my travel buddy went on a Tokyo food tour today and my calorie intake was higher than my SAT score. (So either I ate a lot or I suck at SAT, you decide.) I don’t think we ever stopped eating.

Oh, and, Japan culture is very interesting. Tokyo so far, at least. Most guys always walk around in business clothes and I have no idea how men and women survive in this heat wearing long sleeves and pants. It’s absurd. Also, we went to the arcade last


Hamarikyu Gardens

night and it’s really just packed with only guys, especially after school/business hours. They really go all out on their work and play time. We almost ended up in a sticky situation at a pool/darts club sort of thing but no worries, we’re still breathing.

I’d report more but my brain is about to shut off. So here’s a summary of today:

  • We walked 7.3 miles according to my phone (~18,000 steps)
  • Went to Tsukiji Market, Hamarikyu Gardens, Kachidoki Bridge, Ginza, and then we watched a movie on poor quality wifi and called it a day
  • Got way too ambitious and ate way too much food


    @me trying photography

And I also spent a lot of time trying to blend in with nature.

It’s fun being a tourist sometimes. But this is me signing off now, goodnight.



The Anon


Once Upon a Hershey and two Oreos

Alright, gather around kids. It’s story time.

Once Upon a Time, in a land far, far away….

Who am I kidding. This isn’t a fairytale. There’s no magic, princes or princesses, or happy ever afters. However, this does have an evil little witch in the form of my kindergarten teacher. Pardon my dramatic language.

So you see, little me was quite mischievous. She could be nice, sure. But she’d always be stirring up trouble somewhere, making life quite difficult for the teacher in the classroom. This particular story happens on a sunny October day. October 31st, to be exact. For you uncultured dummies out there, that’s Halloween. If you don’t know what that is, just leave.

Moving forwards, every kid had to bring in some snacks on that day. Snacks we’d all share together in class. When we were eating, this teacher allowed each of us to only take one of each thing. So when recess came along, a lot of food was leftover. Me, being a hungry little kid, convinced my friend to come with me back into the classroom to see if we could sneak a little something without being noticed. But my friend was a scaredy cat, rightfully so, and tried to coax me out of “stealing” food. Little me thought then, there were like 20 kids in a class, so no way the teacher would know that food was missing, right? To this day, I still remember what I took: a Hershey’s chocolate bar and two Oreos.

But oh, boy. For some reason, my insane homeroom teacher kept count of the food, so she noticed food was missing. She interrogated all the kids in the class and my “friend” snitched on me. I couldn’t really deny anything at that point so I could only glare daggers at “friend”.

giphy (1).gif

Long story short, this teacher called my parents in and they met with the principal. And basically that’s how I got kicked out of kindergarten.

And if you’re that teacher reading this right now, I am still salty about what happened. Why on Earth were you so harsh to a six year old? And who the heck keeps count of food?? (I forgive you if you’re OCD)

Moral of this story: make good decisions and better friends so you don’t end up like kindergarten me. Also, stealing is bad! But I guess public school teachers beats all of the above.



The Anon

High School for Never

I know it’s been a while, but I just graduated high school! As much as I’m glad that it’s over, I’ll probably miss it in the future. We’re never going to be together in the same place like that ever again. High school will hold a special place in my heart, as cliche as it sounds.

You know when they say high school is the best four years of your life? I think that’s so overrated. You’ll probably enjoy college more. After all, who wants to deal with drama and burn books and bitches like Regina George?


But anyways, real talk. My friend really wanted me to blog about this, so I guess this is for you, Friend A. We ran into Rick Gonzalez on the subway today. If any of you watch Arrow, he’s Wardog. Here’s a pic for reference: rick.jpg


(A few minutes of research later…) I just realized I am an idiot. I kept telling Friend A that I didn’t watch the show but I actually do. And now I’m dumbfounded. Personally, I don’t really care that I saw a celebrity, but I still get bragging rights.

He was carrying his kid with his wife and it was adorable. It’s funny how celebrities are just people too. I think he might’ve known we were talking about him though, considering Friend A didn’t hide her excitement very well. No flame.

On an unrelated note, I would also like to mention that leg cramps are so much worse than how they’re described. Like holy shit it’s like breaking a muscle except muscles don’t break and you’re completely okay afterwards so you can’t even physically display how much pain you were in.

Before anyone asks, yes, I enjoy making myself look as cringe as possible on the internet. I have a in-the-middle-of-the-night flight soon and I look forward to sharing my Japan adventures. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my swirly bread with raisins.

And wow, my old posts really are cringe.


The Anon


What’s up, snow?!

We just got first snow today, in October. It was unexpected but hey, I’m not complaining. Seeing the snow made me really happy and I’m so thankful for this long weekend we’re getting. I’m going to go to the city and it’s going to be so much fun, finally taking a break from this place. I’ve recently sprained my ankle so I can’t play in any of my soccer matches, which sucks. I miss playing, but I certainly don’t miss losing.

Canzo just submitted her college app yesterday so there’s that.

And all three of us roommates are out of campus this weekend.

Really not much going on here.

But I recently digged out some of my old music and I’ve missed them so much. I don’t even know what to listen to anymore because the mainstream music just isn’t that good. My old music is way better so I’m going to stick with that.

I have a musical performance tomorrow night too and we’re playing a Harry Potter theme song, which will be very cool. Some guy tried to steal the piece from me but nope, of course I didn’t let him have it.

Hope all you New Englanders are staying warm and toasty because a real cold wind is going to blow over soon.

Have a great weekend and don’t do anything too crazy for Halloween! (don’t be a clown)

Peace out.


The Anon


Back from the Dead

I know it’s been a while you folks have heard from me, maybe some of you thought I died. Nah, don’t be melodramatic, that only happens in TV shows. Since it’s been a while, I’ll just give a run down on what’s happened in the past few years:

  1. I didn’t fail sophomore year
  2. I’m still on the JV soccer team

So…yeah. As you can tell, nothing’s really changed.

Moving on. I am now living in the best dorm on campus and I have two new roommates. Let’s just call them Canzo and Indigo. Canzo and I didn’t know what we were expecting since Indigo is a new student, but she’s super friendly and she’s great. Oh, there’s this thing with my history teacher. He’s super intense and it’s been two weeks yet he still doesn’t know my name. He insists that class participation is worth 25% of our grade but honestly, there’s no point in trying if he can’t even tell me apart from the other students.

Okay, here’s this thing I need to get off my chest. Canzo is writing her college apps and there’s one essay she has to write about, which includes art and history. So I begin by explaining how she could combine those two subjects and write about it: Art History. So then she begins to look at me with a dumbfounded look and starts blabbering about how it doesn’t work like that. Me, being me, simply laughed her off. But here’s the theory: apple and pie are two different things, yet you can combine to make apple pie, which includes apples in a pie. Also, peanut butter and jelly are different, yet you can combine them to make peanut butter and jelly (FYI I’ve never tried a PBJ sandwich). My theory then proceeds to stress Canzo out even more and I think I’ve given her enough to handle.

Anyways, we have our first soccer game tomorrow this season and I really hope we win, otherwise coach is going to rain hell on us during practice next week.

Peace out kids.


The Anon

P.S. Here’s a joke for you to entertain on: What did the cat say to the dog? Meow.

You can never procrastinate too hard

So lately I’ve doing nothing after school. I’d go to my practice as usually and then I’d get back and just watch Netflix. I completely ignore my homework until the next morning when it’s due. The problem is with this is that there isn’t a problem. If there was, I’d do my homework the night before. But because of this, I’m literally wasting away my life, which feels better than it sounds. Oh, and I’d stay up until around 2am in the morning scrolling through Tumblr.

I’m kinda dead.

But then not really.

this is the cutest thing ever omg

I think I need a problem to be able to fix my problems. You know what I mean? Such as this: I’ve got 30 minutes until a history test and instead of studying (I haven’t even looked at the material yet), I am writing on my blog. But yet somehow I still ace my tests – only in some subjects though.

Anyways I guess the point of this was just to say hi to you guys, I’m really bored even though I’ve got a load of stuff to do. When I think about doing it, my brain’s just like nah. It’s one of these days.

I knew it was going to be a horrible day when it started snowing in the middle of April. What the heck right, it’s Spring. I guess my area’s just in post-Winter-depression. Such a sad time.

Well time to try studying (more like Tumblr time).


The Anon

P.S. Does this blog even categorize into humor?

I’m back!

Wow, it’s really been a while since I’ve been on here. I’ve been busy with school stuff and I just completely forgot about this blog. Anyways, I might get back to blogging again, who knows.

So recently I had to write this english paper about myself transforming into an animal; I chose a cat. Why? Well I have quite a few funny stories to tell about it, but you might not be interested. Do I care? Nope, not really.

This one time I was studying in the library with my friends and I decided to randomly start making cat meows. Then the librarian walks past and I swear she was looking for a cat because she was looking around on the floor. As soon as she walked past, my friends and I laughed and I told them: “She’s not looking for me, she’s looking for the cat!” As soon as I say that, she’s right there next to me and gives me the glare and tells me to be quiet.

It was so embarrassing and stupid for me to say that but even now it’s just a funny story to tell.

I guess this is my way of saying I’m back.

Anyways leave some stuff in the comments and I will get back to you. I hope you guys are still active and I’m so sorry for leaving you guys!


The Anon