Settling In

I haven’t posted in so long. Sorry about that, I’ve been super busy.

So what happened was we got to New York a day later than we were supposed to. That was because we missed the flight by 20 minutes. The reason for that was the machine stopped working because we were (literally) a minute late and we had to line up for assistance. By the time it was our turn we were too late.

I love New York at night.

Moving on. 

Lady Liberty herself.

New York was everything I imagined it to be. It was just amazing. I recognized so many places from movies (friends with benefits) and tv shows (gossip girl). We went shopping every day from day to night, no stopping. My legs were about to fall off and I’m pretty sure I left my dad broke (oops!). We watched a broadway show (Pippin) on the last night and the atmosphere was incredible. Although the start was great, it went downhill after the intermission. I wasn’t too happy with that, but it was still good, I almost cried. (No kidding. I always wanted to go to New York and watch a broadway performance.)


Now I’m in school. The school’s breathtaking, but I don’t know anyone here. You see, I’m not a very sociable person. I’d rather have people approach me than the other way around and that’s not going to happen. I’m 30 minutes away from dinner time and my parents are out shopping. I really have no one to sit with, which is terrible. I know I should go and meet some people but I just can’t be bothered. But my roommate’s moving in tomorrow morning so hopefully that’ll get me somewhere.

Other than that, the school’s pretty amazing and I really love it, which is a great thing. So I’ll keep you guys updated on what happens, I’ve got a busy day tomorrow. Right now, I’m just going to try and make some friends. (I’ll probably end up scaring them off.) Oh, and it’s super hot in my dorm and there’s no AC or fan. Who knew it was so hot in Connecticut in September?

Out for now.



The Anon


We Choose How Much Of The World We Let In

(I took this from a journal entry a few months ago, I’m typing it word by word. No hate, mate.)


March 9th, 2014

“Life goes on is a redundancy. Life is defined by its going on. We breathe in the world. We choose how much of the world we let in. We’re like insulators, all of us.” 

I don’t believe we always have a choice. There is always a choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s ours to make. Fate doesn’t exist. It’s just something we say to comfort ourselves when things go wrong, or when they end up the way that makes us happy. But that’s not fate, that’s just the future. (“The future is composed of nows.” Taken from Emily Dickinson’s quote, “Forever is composed of nows.” I prefer mine because it’s just more solid to grasp.) 

So many of us need a huge mistake to right our wrongs, but we should be doing that in the first place. We shouldn’t need a cause for our actions.

Yet we do.

We rely on everything too much. We’re so selfish that we don’t even see that not everything has something to rely on.

Sometimes, it’s okay to let go.

Sometimes, when we care too much, we end up hurting everyone around us. But sometimes, it’s okay to care.

Embrace your fears, control them. The only thing you should fear is fear itself. You are your own downfall.


(Yeah, this is kind of dark. If any of you found this even remotely interesting, please do tell me. I have a lot more entries like this and I don’t mind posting them. I find it easier and less stressful to write things on paper. My dad has a friend over at our house and he’s staying with us for a couple days, but he just sits on the couch on his phone all day. Antisocial much? It’s not like I can talk. On with playing guitar now, I’m out.)



The Anon


Okay, so I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.

wanderlust; a strong desire to travel.

Places I would like to go (in no specific order):

  • Alaska (The reason why is oddly stupid. I’ve been there when I was 7 so I don’t exactly remember everything so I want to go back and re-enjoy the whole experience. Plus, one of my favorite books, ‘Looking for Alaska’, well, the title says it all. Although the book has nothing to do with Alaska except for a name.)
  • Amsterdam (Unknown to me, this is a city of freedom. I’ve always loved the thought of liberation and everything about it so why not? “And in freedom, most people find sin.”)
  • Vienna (Also said to be called “The City of Dreams”. It has a huge music legacy and I just want to stay there and make music. Maybe its legacy will inspire me.)
  • Paris (This is cliché: I want to go there and fall in love, but with the city itself. Even though I never had the best experience with French people, I would just love to go there and enjoy the city with its people.)
  • Greece (Mostly Athens and other cities where Greek mythology runs deepest. When I was a kid I used to love myths, I still do now. I guess it’s the fact that a myth has the possibility of being true, it’s that spark of hope that makes it so daring.)
  • Fiji (Simply because my friends told me it’s amazing.)
  • Pompeii (I’ve been there before but I want to go again. For those who don’t know, there was a huge volcanic eruption and basically everything buried have been preserved because of lack of air and moisture. I just want to go find a quiet place, sit down and write. It sounds weird maybe, but I want to be in the presence of something ancient. If that made sense.)
  • Antarctica (Why Antarctica but not the Arctic? Simple: the South Pole. Well, obviously just not because of that, but I have this childish fantasy of writing Santa a letter and then burying it under the snow. Yeah, like I said, childish.)


There are definitely more places I’d like to visit, but these are mostly fantasies because the things I want to do there aren’t exactly worth going there for.

One other thing I’ve always wanted to do is to go on a backpacking trip across Europe with a friend in the Summer. But I’ll probably want to wait until I’m at least 18.

I’m going to Seattle today, the only reason I’m really going is because I have nothing better to do at home. Anyways, I’m out.



The Anon

Hey, it’s _ !

Hi, just thought I’d introduce myself. My name is _ . I’m a teenager, therefore I go to high school. Yeah, so I’m just your average teenage girl (literally) and I like music, tv shows, the things teenage people like. I’m ‘supposedly’ intimidating but to strangers I’m really just a blubbering mess. I’d like to think I’m hopefully more attractive than a seal. 

Let’s just get started then. Why waste time when all we’ve got is time?

Oh hey, now you get to stare at his drool worthy face while you read this. Doesn't that face just make you go 'omfg'? It should. Unless you're a guy then okay, you're forgiven.

look at his oh-so-amazing face

Oh hey, now you get to stare at his drool worthy face while you read this. Doesn’t that face just make you go ‘omfg’? It should. Unless you’re a guy then okay, you’re forgiven.

How many of you have watched How To Train Your Dragon 2 yet? I just watched it today with my friend. I don’t know how it did but the movie made me laugh my ass off. Then I turn around the cinema and we’re surrounded by kids and we’re probably the only teenagers. Then when we were heading out, I manage the spill popcorn all of a lady’s lap. Fan-freaking-tastic. I bolted right out of there, I could’ve gave Ursain Bolt a run for his money. (Punny ha ha. Get it? Okay that was lame.)

My fingers are done working out now, I hope you had a better day trying to ruin little kids’ lives.



The Anon