You can never procrastinate too hard

So lately I’ve doing nothing after school. I’d go to my practice as usually and then I’d get back and just watch Netflix. I completely ignore my homework until the next morning when it’s due. The problem is with this is that there isn’t a problem. If there was, I’d do my homework the night before. But because of this, I’m literally wasting away my life, which feels better than it sounds. Oh, and I’d stay up until around 2am in the morning scrolling through Tumblr.

I’m kinda dead.

But then not really.

this is the cutest thing ever omg

I think I need a problem to be able to fix my problems. You know what I mean? Such as this: I’ve got 30 minutes until a history test and instead of studying (I haven’t even looked at the material yet), I am writing on my blog. But yet somehow I still ace my tests – only in some subjects though.

Anyways I guess the point of this was just to say hi to you guys, I’m really bored even though I’ve got a load of stuff to do. When I think about doing it, my brain’s just like nah. It’s one of these days.

I knew it was going to be a horrible day when it started snowing in the middle of April. What the heck right, it’s Spring. I guess my area’s just in post-Winter-depression. Such a sad time.

Well time to try studying (more like Tumblr time).


The Anon

P.S. Does this blog even categorize into humor?


Procrastinator! What, me?

Good morning!

I still don’t understand how I procrastinate so much.

So I’ve been meaning to write this song, but I’ve only written the first verse and chorus. Now I just can’t be bothered to go finish it. Honestly it’s easy now, I just have to write the lyrics, but I’m too lazy.

The same happens to me for school. I can’t be the only one right? But for my finals every single year I would never revise. I’d just flip through my book on the way to school on the day of the exam. The shocking thing is: I always manage to somewhat ace the exam. Or end up with a bit-above-average grade. I think I need to fail one of my tests so I can learn not to procrastinate. Right now, I don’t see the harm in doing so.

I bet I’m not the only one. But seriously, my procrastination skills are oth

See what I did there? Ha ha. I’ll type that up later. (Guess what I was going to type?)

Anyways fellow internetians, it’s summer. Screw exams, screw teachers (not literally, unless you want to?), and most of all, screw high school drama.



The Anon