Once Upon a Hershey and two Oreos

Alright, gather around kids. It’s story time.

Once Upon a Time, in a land far, far away….

Who am I kidding. This isn’t a fairytale. There’s no magic, princes or princesses, or happy ever afters. However, this does have an evil little witch in the form of my kindergarten teacher. Pardon my dramatic language.

So you see, little me was quite mischievous. She could be nice, sure. But she’d always be stirring up trouble somewhere, making life quite difficult for the teacher in the classroom. This particular story happens on a sunny October day. October 31st, to be exact. For you uncultured dummies out there, that’s Halloween. If you don’t know what that is, just leave.

Moving forwards, every kid had to bring in some snacks on that day. Snacks we’d all share together in class. When we were eating, this teacher allowed each of us to only take one of each thing. So when recess came along, a lot of food was leftover. Me, being a hungry little kid, convinced my friend to come with me back into the classroom to see if we could sneak a little something without being noticed. But my friend was a scaredy cat, rightfully so, and tried to coax me out of “stealing” food. Little me thought then, there were like 20 kids in a class, so no way the teacher would know that food was missing, right? To this day, I still remember what I took: a Hershey’s chocolate bar and two Oreos.

But oh, boy. For some reason, my insane homeroom teacher kept count of the food, so she noticed food was missing. She interrogated all the kids in the class and my “friend” snitched on me. I couldn’t really deny anything at that point so I could only glare daggers at “friend”.

giphy (1).gif

Long story short, this teacher called my parents in and they met with the principal. And basically that’s how I got kicked out of kindergarten.

And if you’re that teacher reading this right now, I am still salty about what happened. Why on Earth were you so harsh to a six year old? And who the heck keeps count of food?? (I forgive you if you’re OCD)

Moral of this story: make good decisions and better friends so you don’t end up like kindergarten me. Also, stealing is bad! But I guess public school teachers beats all of the above.



The Anon


You can never procrastinate too hard

So lately I’ve doing nothing after school. I’d go to my practice as usually and then I’d get back and just watch Netflix. I completely ignore my homework until the next morning when it’s due. The problem is with this is that there isn’t a problem. If there was, I’d do my homework the night before. But because of this, I’m literally wasting away my life, which feels better than it sounds. Oh, and I’d stay up until around 2am in the morning scrolling through Tumblr.

I’m kinda dead.

But then not really.

this is the cutest thing ever omg

I think I need a problem to be able to fix my problems. You know what I mean? Such as this: I’ve got 30 minutes until a history test and instead of studying (I haven’t even looked at the material yet), I am writing on my blog. But yet somehow I still ace my tests – only in some subjects though.

Anyways I guess the point of this was just to say hi to you guys, I’m really bored even though I’ve got a load of stuff to do. When I think about doing it, my brain’s just like nah. It’s one of these days.

I knew it was going to be a horrible day when it started snowing in the middle of April. What the heck right, it’s Spring. I guess my area’s just in post-Winter-depression. Such a sad time.

Well time to try studying (more like Tumblr time).


The Anon

P.S. Does this blog even categorize into humor?